Do Diesel-Powered Go-Karts Exist?

Do Diesel-Powered Go-Karts Exist?

Like most things in life, there are always options. I’ve been in the Go Kart scene for quite some time now, which means I am very aware that Go Karts are usually run on gasoline or electric motors. This got me asking whether diesel-powered Go Karts exist.

After some research, I found that diesel-powered Go Karts are not as commonly used or found as gasoline but are a fan favorite when built from scratch by DIY makers.

Today we will break down that very question! Continue reading if you are interested to find out.

What Fuel Is Used in a Go-Kart?

Right, let’s get down to the basics. If you are new to Go Karts in general, it is important to know what the engines are run on. 

Regardless of whether you have 2 or 4-stroke engines, gasoline is the most common fuel used in go-karts. Fundamentally, gasoline is a mixture of several hydrocarbon fluids with small amounts of additives to alter specific properties. The price and performance of the engine are influenced by these features in some way.

What Are the Specs of a Diesel Go-Kart Engine? 

Engine Sizes

Diesel engines can be divided into three fundamental size categories according to their power: small, medium, and large. The output power of the smaller engines is less than 188 kilowatts or 252 horsepower. This is the sort of diesel engine that is most frequently made. 

Can You Put a Turbo Engine on a Go-Kart?

Yes, a go-kart can have a turbo installed. The size of the turbo you want to install will depend on the go-engine kart’s capacity. You can try to install it yourself if you adhere to the turbocharger’s installation manual but it is always better to seek professional assistance. 

Is a Diesel Engine 2 or 4-stroke?

The piston-cylinder diesel engine uses intermittent combustion. It can run on a two-stroke or four-stroke cycle, but unlike gasoline engines with spark ignition, diesel engines only introduce air into the combustion chamber during the intake stroke.

It is important to take all of these specs into consideration before deciding whether you want to switch to diesel or not. 

How Do I Get a Diesel Go-Kart? 

Heavy-duty trucks, semis, buses, boats, and other vehicles that may need a higher torque rating and more low-end pulling ability frequently use diesel. The most popular gasoline-powered vehicles are light-duty trucks, SUVs, and passenger cars, not really small speedy motorcars! 

Although they may be hard to come by, diesel-powered Go Karts are not impossible to get your hands on. There are some wholesalers and manufacturers that produce these beats but they are often few and far between.

However, if you are up for a little bit more of a challenge then perhaps you could build your own one but proceed with caution when doing so! I would highly suggest building it with someone who has a little more experience than you do. 

It is important to note that if you do have a diesel-powered Go Kart or plan on getting one you will face certain restrictions. You most likely will not be able to race on a track, so if you have a buddy or a neighbor with a big garden you may want to ask them if you can do a few loops there. 

I just have one piece of advice, whatever you do, do not put diesel in your gasoline-powered Go-Kart! 

If you have any more questions that you’d like me to answer, be sure to contact me or leave a comment below.

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