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Hello, my name is Dor and it took me 51.3 seconds (my first GoKart lap time) to become a karting lover.
If you are into karting fan too, whether a pro or a just started, you landed in the right place.

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About GoKart36

36 was the number of the first kart I seated in and did my very first laps on a real track. It was in Italy at Affi Indoor Kart, an indoor track with 2 floors that ignited the spark and made me a true Go-Karts lover.

From that moment, I started to drive kart across so many tracks in Europe and abroad and I am here to share my personal journey and progress, together with the knowledge I learned from my own experience and from others that teched me.

If you are a kart lover, no matter if you are a pro driver in a league or you just started and looking for some information. You will find GoKart36 as a place to find a lot of handy information along with personal experiences from the Go Kart world.

Hope you enjoy it and I invite you to join the newsletter or just send “Hi” if you are a kart lover like I am.

Dor, GoKart36 Founder

Phuket Go Kart 390cc 4T

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