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Hello, my name is Dor and it took me 51.3 seconds (my first GoKart lap time) to become a karting lover. If you are into karting fan too, whether a pro or a just started, you landed in the right place.

That first lap was in Italy while me and My wife took a vacation out of our job to recharge ourself. accidently we go into Affi Kart Track, an indoor track near Garda Lake in Italy.

"It was an Aha moment after only 51.3 seconds of driving..."

It wasn’t my first time of-course, as a kid my parents took me from time to time to try karting but it was nothing near that experience since I came with much more understanding of what is karting and how to drive one.

It was an Aha moment after only 51.3 seconds of driving and from that day, I am looking for kart race on any place I go to, and even go more inside this rabbit hole and sign myself into karting driving course and join a regional league in my country (more about this in the blog).

Affi Kart Indoor on the track
This is me, with the blue helmet, first time on 4 stroke go-kart

Some Fun Facts
About Me

After falling in love with go-karting I make sure all my family will get into karting too. In the photo, you can see me, my big brother (Lir), and two of my cousins 

Some me and my brother are twins, even we have 3 years gap between us. In the photo it’s us, competing together and one against the other in a regional league of go-karts (Of course I am the faster brother).


After falling in love with go-karting I pull all my family into the sport, me, my big brother, two of my cousins 

Phuket Go Kart 390cc 4T

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