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Go Kart Data loggers: MyChron5 vs Alfano 6

Data loggers are almost essential in modern karting. They can help to improve your performance and they are very helpful if you have a coach that can analyze the data with you and tell you how to improve your lap times.

Both the Mychron 5 and the Alfano 6 have some great features, and it all comes down to which one you prefer, and which one fits into your budget. Both of these data loggers come with the essential features that you would need in karting, but they have different extra features, which is what will sway your decision.

It’s important to understand the difference between the two data loggers before you make your final decision. Let’s take a closer look at these two top of the range karting data loggers to see which one suits your needs best.

Aim MyChron 5s Go Kart Data Logger

The MyChron 5S has been the data logger of choice for many years. This system has been reliable in karting, and it has been extremely popular amongst the karting community. If you go down to a race track, 8 out of 10 drivers would probably recommend the MyChron 5S. But, I was wondering whether it really is better than the Alfano 6.

I asked some drivers what they like most about the MyChron 5S because as you’ll see later, the Alfano seems to be more high tech with better features. The majority of drivers said that the aesthetics of the MyChron 5S were much better than the Alfano. The look of the MyChron on the steering wheel is much easier on the eye and the shape of the data logger suits the steering setup much better.

The MyChron 5S is also slightly cheaper than the Alfano, coming in at a price of $500. This means that you can save some extra money with the MyChron, which is incredibly important in karting. The data logger also comes with a water temperature sensor as standard which will give you an early warning if your engine is overheating.

The MyChron 5S comes with some extra features that help to enhance your karting experience. You can buy an additional expansion box that connects to SmartyCams. This will give your helmet cam (or onboard cam) some great telemetry such as a track map, RPMs, and speed.

You can also get extras like wheel speed sensors, acceleration and brake pedal sensors, additional temperature sensors, and tire temperature sensors. If you’re using all of these extras, you can find the perfect racing lines, braking points, and acceleration points in a breeze. This tool is more of an investment rather than a “nice to have”.

Alfano 6 Go Kart Data Logger

The Alfano 6 is less popular than the MyChron 5S, and as we saw earlier it’s mainly because of the aesthetics that this data logger causes on the steering wheel. It’s shaped differently, so if you have a specific steering wheel such as a Tony Kart, it can be tricky to fit on, and it also looks slightly out of place.

The Alfano is also slightly more expensive than the MyChron at $550, which is only a $50 difference but it’s crucial to strike within your budget in karting. Also keep in mind that you could be using that $50 to buy some additional features for the MyChron data logger.

As for the features, the Alfano gives you slightly more, as you would expect with a more expensive product. My favorite feature that sets the Alfano apart from the MyChron is the fact that the data can be downloaded onto a smartphone app. Which amateur karting drivers bring their laptops with them to the track these days? Surely MyChron will eventually also add this feature, but for the moment, it’s only the Alfano that allows you to download your data directly to a smartphone.

The additional features are very similar between the MyChron and the Alfano, which means that there isn’t much of a difference to take note of here. One important feature is that the Alfano is loaded with more than 2200 race tracks, which means that you can load up whichever track you’re racing on and compare your lap times to other Alfano users. 

Additional sensors and features you can buy are brake and throttle pedal sensors, steering angle sensors, magnetic sensors, infrared sensors to record lap times more accurately, wheel speed sensors, spark plug sensors, water temperature sensors, exhaust gas temperature sensors, and much more.

MyChron5 vs Alfano 6: Which Should I Buy

It’s a tough choice between the MyChron 5S and the Alfano because they are incredibly similar in price and features. At the end of the day, it comes down to your personal preference on which system you prefer for your kart.

The MyChron 5S is the most popular option because of the aesthetics of the system and the cheaper price. However, you need to keep in mind that the base model comes with an RPM sensor and a water temperature sensor as standard, everything else needs to be bought as an extra.

The Alfano system is also excellent, even though it’s not used as often as the MyChron device. The standout feature of the Alfano is that all of your data can be downloaded onto the smartphone app, which makes it much easier and more convenient to analyze your data no matter where you are. You don’t have to wait to get to a laptop or constantly remember to bring your laptop to the track.

The MyChron device has an advantage over the Alfano in that it connects directly to a SmartyCam. While it might not be a GoPro, SmartyCam is still good, and it’s worthwhile having all of your data and telemetry displayed on the footage that you get from the camera.

Standard Features

MyChron 5SAlfano 6
25 Hz GPS3 GPS Systems
268 x 128 pixels268 x 128 pixels
390 grams435 grams
8 RGB Backlights5 RGB Backlights
Download to laptop onlyDownload to laptop, smartphones, and tablets
Configurable display pages4 Custom race screen displays
2 Configurable alarm LEDs2 Configurable alarm LEDs
5 RGB LED configurations for each gearCustom RPM lights
Laptop data analysis softwareMore than 2200 circuits loaded
RPM SensorRPM Sensor

Extra Features

MyChron 5SAlfano 6
Throttle and brake movement sensorThrottle and brake movement sensor
Wheel Speed sensorWheel Speed sensor
Steering angle sensorsSteering angle sensors
Tire temperature sensorsTire temperature sensors
Underspark sensorSpark Plug sensor
H2O temperature sensorWater temperature sensor
EGT temperature sensorExhaust gas temperature sensor
SmartyCam attachment


Both the MyChron 5S and the Alfano 6 are excellent data loggers for karting. There is a small price difference, and the majority of the features are the same across both computers. The Alfano gives you more convenience with Bluetooth that allows you to download data straight to your smartphone and tablet. On the other hand, the MyChron can connect to a SmartyCam, allowing you to display your telemetry on your footage. It’s highly recommended to visit both of the websites and see which device appeals to you the most.

If you have any more questions that you’d like me to answer, be sure to contact me or leave a comment below.

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