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5 Best Go Kart Gloves for Under $200

A premium pair of karting gloves will come with neat features and a steep price of up to $200. But, as I discovered in my research, extras like FIA certifications, silicone grip strips, and elastic wrists are worth every penny.

The best go-kart glove for under $200 is the Alpinestars Tech-1 Race v2, for its various features, like pre-curved fingers and silicone surface, while being reasonably affordable. What’s also great is that the pair is made from Alpinestars, one of the most reputable ones in the karting industry.

That said, there are a few karting gloves that are equally as amazing as the Tech-1 Race pair. Before I look into them in-depth, let’s check out what you should look for when buying a pair of go-kart gloves at this price point.

How to Choose the Perfect Go Kart Gloves for Under $200

Choosing the perfect karting gloves can be complicated since everyone wants different features from their pair. Though, there are a few key aspects that you should look for in every premium pair of go-kart gloves.


At the $200 mark, you should expect every glove to have silicone strips on the palms, which are utilized to improve your grip in long sessions. Due to the friction and the heat building up between your palms and the steering wheel, you’ll often get blisters unless you wear gloves.

And while most karting gloves would suffice to prevent this, premium ones like the Alpinestars Tech 1-ZX v2 are exceptionally great by featuring silicone padding on the palm. That’s because the friction is much less, and the glove absorbs your hands’ sweat.


Most premium karting gloves under $200 feature reverse stitching and pre-curved fingers, allowing for optimal comfort. As I noticed with my first affordable karting gloves, the material would often crease up during a race due to the heavy vibrations.

That’s why you’ll need to check out gloves like the Tech-1 Race v2 pair, which have a tight fit and pre-curved fingers. There are also pairs like the OMP First Evo Gloves that feature reverse stitching, thus reducing the pressure on your fingers and avoiding any extra discomfort.


When you’re paying $200 for a pair of karting gloves, you should expect them to last for numerous races across several years. To achieve this, most premium karting gloves are made from Nomex or leather, both of which are durable materials.

You should also look for gloves with the least silicone strips. Each part will peel off over time, with smaller ones coming off easier. So, pairs like the Sparco Tide-K 2020 with big silicone chunks should last a bit longer than the others.

My Top Picks for Go Kart Gloves for Under $200

Now that you know how to choose the perfect premium karting gloves let’s see some of the best options on the market. Keep in mind that all of the pairs below were selected according to my research and professional karting racers’ suggestions. You should always try out go-kart gloves before you make the final purchase and ensure that they have a comfortable fit.

Best Overall Go Kart Gloves for Under $200: Alpinestars Tech-1 Race v2

The Alpinestars Tech-1 Race v2 pair is undoubtedly the best one in terms of its value. While it may not have the best features, it comes with just enough and at a reasonable price for me to consider it the best pair under $200.

The Tech-1 Race gloves feature pre-curved fingers, which make gripping the wheel more comfortable. Alpinestars also added very few seams on the inside, which added to the comfort of these go-kart gloves. 

On top of all this, the pair has silicone parts on the palm so that your hands won’t slide off the wheel when racing at top speed.

You can find the Alpinestars Tech-1 Race v2 on Amazon and the official Alpinestars store.

Best Premium Go Kart Gloves for Under $200: Alpinestars Tech-1 ZX v2

If you’ve got the extra buck to spend, you should go for the Alpinestars Tech 1-ZX v2. Despite being similar to the Tech-1 Race, the ZX go-kart gloves come with a few extra features, which make them the best premium karting gloves under $200.

Similar to the Tech-1 Race gloves, the Tech-1 ZX pair features pre-curved fingers and silicone on the palm. But, here’s where the latter excels. The silicone padding on the ZX gloves is much better because it features larger pieces and covers the entire palm.

And the pair also comes with external seams for added comfort and an elasticated wrist, making it much easier to put on and remove each karting glove.

You can get the Alpinestars Tech-1 ZX v2 on Amazon and the official Alpinestars shop.

Best Affordable Go Kart Gloves for Under $200: OMP First Evo Gloves

Taking a step away from Alpinestars, the First Evo Gloves are the best pair that OMP has to offer and the most affordable go-kart gloves under $200. Despite being priced lower, their features don’t stray away from what Alpinestars’ gloves provide.

The pair comes with external seams and pre-curved fingers, achieving the best comfort. On top of that, the First Evo gloves feature the same wrist design as the Tech-1 ZX and Race gloves, making it effortless to put them on.

The only drawback is that the silicone palm doesn’t have the best strip placement. But, I’m sure this won’t be evident to you over time.

You can buy the OMP First Evo Gloves on Amazon and the OMP store.

Best Sparco Go Kart Gloves for Under $200: Sparco Tide-K 2020 Gloves

Since Sparco is the best-known karting equipment brand, let’s check out one of their premium gloves, the Tide-K 2020. One thing I really liked about this pair is the different colors it comes in, all of which look amazing.

But let’s get onto the more technical stuff. The Tide-K pair comes with everything you’ll need, like pre-curved fingers, external seams, and palm padding. Regarding the padding, Sparco uses an exclusive material that adds more durability and provides a better grip than regular silicone. It also has an elastic wrist, allowing you to remove them effortlessly.

You can get the Sparco Tide-K 2020 Gloves on Amazon and the official Sparco shop.

Best Leather Go Kart Gloves for Under $200: Alpinestars SP-2 v2

All gloves I mentioned above are made from Nomex or a similar material. But, the Alpinestars SP-2 v2 is the most durable karting glove you can get, and it’s made from leather.

Truth be told, this is more of a motorcycle pair rather than a karting one. That said, you can still wear it on race day if you’re not participating in an official FIA event. 

While it doesn’t have the features found in karting gloves, it comes with a perforated design, allowing air to flow in the glove. Also, because of its bulkiness, it can serve as your winter karting glove since it’ll keep your hands warm. Plus, it has knuckle protection in case you get in a big crash, your kart flips, or you’re thrown off it.

You can find the Alpinestars SP-2 v2 on Amazon and the official Alpinestars store.


Premium karting gloves will cost you a bit, but they come with many features that will help you get better at go-karting and protect you from a potential crash. I suggest you try on any glove you’d like to buy at a local karting equipment store because you’ll need to ensure it fits well.

Stay tuned for more articles just like this one!

FAQs for Go Kart Gloves for Under $200

How Tight Should Karting Gloves Be?

Gloves should fit tightly enough to feel a little pressure on your fingertips. Keep in mind that bulkier gloves will not fit as tightly but will be better for colder weather.

If you have any more questions that you’d like me to answer, be sure to contact me or leave a comment below.

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