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Does Go Kart Racing Have Pit Stops?

Before I started go-karting, I thought every race had pit stops, like other motorsports. I always loved watching pit stops in F1 and NASCAR, but I could never find pit stops in a karting race. Well, that happened because pit stops are rare in go-karting.

Most go-kart races don’t have pit stops. While the driver is allowed to pit, nobody does so in short races that last for 10-12 laps because they’ll lose a lot of time. But, in go-kart endurance races, a driver will regularly have pit stops to change tires.

Even though I’ve never had a pit stop during a race, I gathered as much information as I could from professional racers at my local track. So, let’s look at how a pit stop works in karting.

How Does a Go-Kart Pit Stop Work

While pit stops aren’t common in karting, they work similarly to other motorsports. But I know you’ll have some burning questions about go-kart pit stops, so I’ll try to answer them.

How Long Does a Go-Kart Pit Stop Take

A pit stop in karting takes around one minute. If the go-kart is damaged in any way or it needs refueling, it might take more time. But, generally, a pit stop won’t last for more than two minutes.

What Do the Mechanics Do During a Go-Kart Pit Stop

The mechanics have to do a lot of work during a pit stop. While a go-kart pit stop isn’t as dangerous as other motorsports, the mechanics have to be fully focused during the whole time.

Once the driver arrives at the pit box, the mechanics must lift the kart on a stand to work on it. The driver will often stay inside the kart, so the mechanics must be physically fit to put the go-kart on the stand.

Then, they start working on the vehicle. Apart from changing the tires and fueling the go-kart, the mechanics might need to change the engine or the seat. Also, they often have to clean the engine if there’s debris stuck inside.

Once all the repairs are done, the mechanics have to get the track outside the pit box so that the driver can get back to racing.

Can the Driver Get Out of the Go-Kart During a Pit Stop

A driver can get out of the track during a pit stop in endurance races. Some drivers will challenge themselves to race an entire endurance race alone. But, most of the time, endurance races will have teams of 3-4 drivers who spend an even amount of time on the track.

Are There Pit Stops in Sprint Races

While they’re not mandatory, you can take a pit stop during a sprint race. But, since go-kart tracks are very short, most drivers will not pit unless they have a mechanical issue or a puncture.


I hope this cleared up how pit stops work in karting since I’ve had many questions from you about this topic. Simply put, unless you partake in an endurance race, you’re not likely to pit in go-karting.

Stay tuned for more articles just like this one!

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Dor from GoKart36

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