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It’s doesn’t matter if you are a beginner who doing his \her first steps in the karting world, an ametuer who already started to compete and looking to increase you abilities and techniques, or even a parent to a junior driver who looking for mentoring. A pro tip can boost your  or your child career to the next level.

When I started karting, I was eager to get information and learn as much as I can, but unfortunately I couldn’t find any solid source of information I will be able to relay on.

Most of my improvement came from many driving hours, trail and error on the racing track.

As a solution for that, I am working on a plan that will offer private lessons and mentoring for drivers, by pro drivers who would like to share their experience.

If you are interesting in joining our mentoring program waiting list, fill the following form, and I will be happy to contact and update you when our mentoring program will be open.

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